Teradata Parallel Transporter (TPT) is an object-oriented client application that gives us   high-speed,scalable, parallel data:
                                    • Extraction
                                    • Loading
                                    • Updating
TPT  has advantage on the functionality of the traditional Teradata extract and the  load utilities  that has FastLoad, MultiLoad, FastExport, and TPump ( also known as standalone utilities).
Multiple targets are possible in a single TPT job. A source and Target for a TPT job can be any of the following:
                               • Databases (both relational and non-relational)
                               • Database servers
                               • Data storage devices
                               • File objects, texts and comma separated values (csv)

TPT execution Process : 

When job scripts are submitted TPT can do the following:

Analyzing the statements in the job script.
Initializing the internal components.
Creating, optimizing and executing a parallel plan for completing the job by
Creating instances of the required operator objects.
Creating a network of data streams that interconnect the operator instances.
Coordinating the execution of the operators.
Coordinate checkpoint and restart processing.
automatically when the Teradata Database signals restart, it can .Restart the job automatically
Terminate the processing environments.
Between the data source and destination TPT jobs can:

Retrieve, store and transport specific data objects via parallel data streams.
Merge or split multiple parallel data streams.
Duplicate data streams for loading multiple targets.
Filter and Cleanse data. 
TPT supports the following types of environments:
Pipeline Parallelism
Data Parallelism