Latest Features in Teradata ( TD 15.0 ) :

Teradata Query Grid  : Connection with different systems ( Database , no sql , hadoop)

Columnar  : ( Feature enabled for a table , Hybrid Row/Column Capability)

Teradata columnar provides the capability to data interms of performance by reduced I/O Operations and increased data compression.
Teradata columnar will skipp the mechanism to read all the rows and makes possible to read what ever the row or column or both in hybrid way as required to match in the criteria . By this way it is eliminating the bottle neck and increases performance to major extent
Teradata Columnar is a hybrid row/column capability with the unique capability to store part of a row in column orientation and part in row orientation.  We are good to mix and match row and column at will within your data to create the optimum structure matching your data and query patterns.

In memory  :

           Cold Data : Data which is used least , is genereally migrated to inexpensive disks.

Teradata automatically compresses the data in “cold” when identified to save the space savings . This process eliminates the frequent compression and decompression of hot data, is effortless for customers, and provides a significant increase in the amount of data stored. The cold data is moved to memory space where In Memory ( INtelligent Memory ) will maximize the  data based on memory space.

XML Data Type :

JSON Data type :

LWR Redistribution :

With this feature, the Teradata Database optimizer facilitates a switch from an all-AMP row redistribution to a few AMP row redistribution.