Cliques are used for providing high availability of data even node goes down.
  • A clique is a group of nodes sharing common disk drives 
  • Here are advantages is if any node goes down V-Procs migrate to another node to perform the operation.
  • Each clique contains an equal number of nodes.
Hot Stand By Node :

  • This node is not functional till any other node goes down, It simply acts as an extra player.
  • In a clique, multiple nodes are reachable by any node in the same clique.
  • when the node comes down PDE resets, Teradata restarts and the amp procs migrate to the other nodes in the clique.
  • Even if you do not select the fallback option in the situation shown the TDP will restart the lost amp V-Procs on different nodes within the clique.when the node is brought back to its original node.
    Applications that recognize the restarts and are coded to will continue when the system comes back up otherwise, applications will need to be restarted.